How can TMJ Pain Melbourne help you?

TMJ painDo you gnash your teeth in pain and clamp together your jaw very hard? If you feel frequent pain in the jaw and face or you are facing neck problems, then you should consider showing yourself to a good physiotherapist. If you are finding it even difficult to chew your food down and your jaw is getting popped, locked and clicked very often, then maybe you are one of the patients who are suffering from undiagnosed jaw or TMJ. In this type of situation, taking a medical advice from the section of TMJ Pain Melbourne seems like the best option.


Generally, women are more affected to pain in the TMJ than men. Now you must be thinking that what is this TMJ? Well, this is a joint which is present in front of the both ears. The soreness in this joint can be occurred due to various reasons. Some of the causes are given below:

• Practices which were dental in nature
• Arthritis
• Sport injuries
• Accidents
• Air bags used during a car accident
• Biting nails
• If one got hit by something blunt like a punch or ball, on the face.
• Grinding or clamping the teeth together
• Eating very hard type of food
• Chewing gums
• Tears or abnormal movement of the disc.

These are very normal reasons which can later on cause a very unbearable pain. Some of these points may seem very simple but these are only the prime causes for this pain.


After knowing about the origin, it is also very important to know about the symptoms that this pain can cause. There are various symptoms which can ensure you and your doctor that you have TMJ pain. Some of the symptoms are:
• Neck pain
• Popping of the jaw
• Clicking of teeth
• Swelling on the face
• Pain in the ear
• Pain in the head
• Spasm in muscle
• Deformity in face
• Toothache
• Jaw gets locked down, which results in a situation where the patient can’t open his jaw.
• Softness comes in the joint of the jaw.

Therapy for TMJ:

Some common treatments are:
• Correcting the posture
• Advice on the sleeping habit and the position of the pillows
• Heat treatment
• Stretching exercises and exercises for the region which is experiencing pain
• Dry needling
• Referring to a good dentist
• Massage treatment for the jaw muscles
• Joint mobilization
• Treatment for neck

If you are constantly suffering from this pain or you are facing any symptoms which are mentioned ahead then don’t lose hope. You are not alone in this pain. Every 2 from 8 people have this problem. Their levels of pain may vary, but they go through all these symptoms. There are many physiotherapy centers in Melbourne which are trying to find the cure. The physiotherapist will assess your problem and will find you a cure which will make you fit again in no time. But always remember that it is possible to cure this pain only with the help of an experienced and licensed physiotherapist.