Information on minimally invasive spine surgery

minimally invasive spine surgeryNowadays aging, normal work strain, injuries from sport and trauma can easily cause adverse effects in the structure of spine. These reasons can cause many different types of damage in the vertebrae or to the tissues surrounding the spinal cord. These disorders can be very painful and dangerous. Minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS) is a very special kind of surgery to reconstruct the shape of the spine. This is a modern example of the heights of technology in the medical sector. You can find answers to every question that you may be having.

When should surgery be considered?

Any spinal surgery such as minimally invasive spine surgery should always be the last thing to consider, when you are thinking of treating your painful spinal condition. It should only be considered if the other non surgical treatments are not working properly or the condition is continuously degrading from months after months. Some conditions like sciatica, degenerative scoliosis etc need the help of the surgery to get well. You can only decide whether you want to do surgery or not, depending upon the function and movement of the part and your symptoms.

Important facts:

The sector of spine surgery is continuously growing. Many other diseases can also be treated by the help of different types of minimally invasive surgery. To input the correct details of the patient in the computer, many different types of radiologic procedure and test are taken. The machine which does this type of surgery is actually an integration of today’s newest technology. But still it will need tests like:

  • MRI
  • CAT scan
  • ECG
  • And X-ray etc.

This surgery is a lot less painful and after this surgery, you will just need to stay in the hospital for some hours and can go back home, that very same day.


Recovery is something that varies from patients to patients. Some people can start their work in 1-2 weeks whereas some can take a lot of time to recover properly. But physical therapy is always advised after every spinal surgery. Physical therapy can be of a great help during recovery of the patients. It should be started after 2-6 weeks of surgery, after considering condition of the patients and the time of surgery.

Will the pain last?

Well generally patients who had minimal invasive surgery are discharged after some time only. The pain also lasts for some time after the surgery. But sometimes the recovery rate can be different for different patients. Besides this, your surgeon will provide you with proper medication which will decrease the pain caused by the surgery. The doctors can also provide brace for providing comfort to the patients. Braces are considered as a very good and effective way to cure the pain in 1-2 week.

Components and disadvantages:

There are many different types of components which are used in minimally invasive surgeries. They need different advanced technology like operating microscope, endoscope, lasers, navigation system etc for taking open and big decision through a small hole. Like every technology, this surgery also has its cons, which are:

  • It is a new technology , so it has its own set of uncertainty
  • It is highly technical and need well trained surgeons.
  • Sometime surgeries can be delayed due to inappropriate data or improper functionality of the machines.

Besides these cons, still it is one of the most efficient ways of surgery for short term basis.