Sports medicine for the common sports injuries

Sports medicineSports medicine, or sport and exercise medicine, is a branch of medicine that specifically takes care of physical fitness, treatment and prevention of all kinds of physical injuries accustomed with sports and exercise that require high amounts of physical activity.

Now, most of the injuries associated with sports and physical exercises are associated with the feet, ankles, spine and lower portions of human body. A podiatrist or a podiatric physician is a doctor or medical professional who deals with injuries and disorders associated with the feet, ankles and the lower extremity of a human body. Podiatrists deal with a wide variety of foot and ankle related conditions, including the lower extremity of your body using nonsurgical or surgical procedures for treatment purposes. Even in the particular field of podiatric medicine, sub branches are there to treat a particular region with high level of expertise and knowledge.

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Some common types of sports injuries that often require treatment are mentioned.

  • Sometimes, because of severe head injury, concussions may occur. This kind of injury happens when the brain of the concerned person moves violently within the skull, and like a seizure, all the nearby cells of the brain gets injured.
  • During a stressful sports activity a sudden, tight muscle pain may occur due to muscle spasm or muscle cramp. This is basically occurs when a certain muscle of a human body doesn’t relax.
  • ACL or the anterior cruciate ligament sometimes gets ruptured due to forceful twist of knees to change the direction. The anterior cruciate ligament usually stabilizes and allows comfortable movement of your knees. Sometimes, the ACL or the anterior cruciate ligament of knee may tear, causing huge pain to the patient.
  • Ankles bear the whole body weight. So, if the ligaments that hold the boned around the ankle in proper place get overstretched, swelling in ankle may occur due to ankle sprain.
  • Tissues that work as an attaching medium between the muscles of your lower leg to the shin bone may get pulled away from the bones due to a sudden impulse causing shin splints. Also, due to overuse and overstress of the tissue, inflammation may occur in them causing shin splints.
  • A sudden force or a huge load may cause a particular muscle of your body to experience pain and swelling, thus showing loss of function.

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