What is Total Physiocare?

PhysiocareTotal Physiocare is a company which is dedicated to provide people physiotherapy treatments and quality health care. Total Physiocare was introduced as a company in the year 2007, but it was established about 30 years ago. Total Physiocare has been situated in four different places, namely Heidelberg, Reservoir, Camberwell and Footscray. Camberwell and Footscray have been recently established. Camberwell was established in 2013 and Footscray in January 2015.

The members of this institute strive to provide patients with holistic improvement and recovery options. Some of the core services provided by them are Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, and Podiatry. Total Physiocare provides you with the best treatment to ensure your fast recovery.

Some of the services that one can avail are –

  • Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy (also known as Physical therapy) is nothing but a physical medicine and therapy which helps in recovering the injuries and impairments of the body. There are so many methods in physiotherapy which are used to relieve pain such as ultrasonic, interferential therapy, wax therapy, muscle strengthening exercises and short wave diathermy. This physiotherapy treatment is available in four different places such as Physiotherapy Camberwell, Physiotherapy Heidelberg, Physiotherapy Reservoir and also physiotherapy. All of the physiotherapists here are well experienced and have a very good knowledge about the spinal and sporting injuries.

  • Clinical Pilates:

Clinical Pilates includes a series of physical exercises which are linked with breathing techniques. This treatment method is generally adopted to strengthen your spine and muscular support in the abdominal area. In this method of treatment, you mainly work on your muscle control more than strength which also helps to improve your posture. All the clinics of Total Physiocare have all type of equipment (such as trapeze and reformer) to help the patients recover faster. Generally, clinical Pilates are used for treatment of various injuries as it does not apply to one particular injury.

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy:

It is nothing but clinical hypnosis which makes subconscious change in the patient in order to create new thoughts, responses, attitudes, feelings and behaviors. It can also be termed as guided meditation which helps to create a peaceful state of mind.

  • Podiatry:

Podiatry (also known as podiatric medicine) is a field of medicine which helps in the treatment of ankle, foot or lower extremity. Total Physiocare offers a wide range of podiatry services such as sports injury management, corrective nail surgery, orthotic therapy, biomechanical assessment, children’s assessment and also diabetes management/assessment. This service is only available at Heidelberg and Camberwell clinics at present.

  • Naturopathy:

Naturopathy is an alternative form of medicine which employs natural treatments such as acupuncture, herbalism, homeopathy and also nutrition. Naturopathy usually avoids use of drugs and surgery. Naturopathy helps

  • To determine the root cause of your symptoms
  • Make a treatment plan to lead you towards a better health
  • To use herbs as supplement to the drugs
  • To overcome the problem of infertility
  • To overcome stress and lead a peaceful life.
  • Massage:

Total Physiocare also provides a full body massage so that you can feel relaxed and have an energetic life. By getting your body massaged, there will be increase in blood flow which helps to reduce muscle tension and stress. The pain which usually occurs in the body is known as myofascial pain which includes ligaments, muscles, tendons and also the connective tissue. To treat this pain myotherapy is suggested. The myotherapists at Total Physiocare are well experienced and also have wide knowledge in sports, tissue and remedial massage, cupping, trigger, dry needling and also relaxation massage.

Thus, Total Physiocare is your one stop destination for all your healthcare services. All the people at Total Physiocare are ready to help you at all times.