Why you should donate to orphan care?

orphan careThe plight if the world is indeed not in a very good condition. There are many nations that doing extremely well and are breaking barriers in all fields, but what about the other countries? Not every nation in the world is at par with the other. While some countries are better off, there are also many which are fighting for survival.

One such continent happens to be Africa. There are nearly 54 sovereign countries which consist of Africa, with a population of about more than nearly 1 billion people. Now, the condition of Africa is not very good even though the continent has a lot of natural resources. Constantly, the people in Africa have been a witness to economic, religious and political instability, and diseases that are highly infectious. Moreover, along with this, there are about 1.6 million children and young adults in Africa that are being infected with HIV every year. In addition to this, there are many who are orphaned because of wars in the continent, unrest and other reasons. In total, Africa is said to be the home of nearly 60 million orphans.

Therefore, after knowing about the condition of such orphans and the battles that they have to fight every day in order to just survive, the Amitofo Care Centre was established in different places, one of them being Australia.

What are the goals and objectives of the care centre?

Amitofo Care Centre Australia understands the fact that orphaned children very much require the help and support that any child requires. In fact, these children suffer more as they are orphans and are not provided with the basic facilities required to sustain life. Therefore, at Amitofo Care Centre we make sure that we provide a friendly and conducive environment for such children to grow and develop. We provide our best of efforts to make sure that these children get all their basic needs fulfilled like food, clothing, shelter, etc.

We also provide education to the children, as in our opinion, education is the right of every child and not even a single child should be deprived of this right. We work to achieve the development of the mind, body and soul of these children. Since such children have already seen a lot of grief and remorse in their lives in terms of poverty, diseases, loss of parent or parents, etc., we strive to achieve excellence with these kids. Moreover, in addition to this, we make sure that we inculcate good habits and morals in the children so that they become good human beings in their lives. Our aim is to see the children grow and develop just like any other child in the community.

How can you help?

It is not easy to be able to achieve our set goals on our own. It is said that all humans should help each other and only then will this world become a truly special place to live in. Therefore, helping orphans would help a lot in their development. So, if you wish to enhance a life, make a donation and change the life of a child today!